Megan Cook: Nautilus Live and Ocean Exploration Trust Science Communicator

Podcast Episode #43

Megan is the Community STEM Program Coordinator at Ocean Exploration Trust. This fish-loving, science communication extrovert provides ocean exploration education to people around the globe via Nautilus Live. Hear about Megan’s journey becoming an ocean science communicator from growing up in Idaho and the incredible diversity of experiences she had as the 2012 Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship recipient.

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Kat Crabill: Turning plastic pollution into jewelry

Podcast Episode #42

Kat is a Hawaii-based jewelry maker sparking positive conversations about ocean plastic pollution with her jewelry company Nurdle in the Rough. She’s literally turning trash into treasure! Hear about the inspiration, care, and positivity behind each and every piece of jewelry this ocean-loving metal smith creates. And what amazing organizations she gives back to just to make an even bigger impact than she already is.

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Sean Bogle: Vaquita conservation filmmaker

Podcast Episode #41

Sean is a wildlife conservation filmmaker and the director of Wild Lens’ latest award-winning film “Souls of the Vermilion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita”. Learn about the vaquita – the world’s smallest and most endangered marine mammal – and the complex situation that’s caused such a drastic population decline. With less than sixty vaquitas left, Sean and his team are utilizing film to raise awareness and document this conservation emergency.

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Candace Crespi: Campaign Director at Oceanic Preservation Society

Podcast Episode #40

Candace is the Campaign Director at Oceanic Preservation Society working to expose complex environmental issues in order to protect the ocean and the planet for future generations. Hear Candace and I discuss all aspects of OPS’s award-winning films like The Cove and Racing Extinction as well as the compelling campaigns behind them that inspire and create positive change. This environmental activist is exposing the truth and protecting the planet!

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Charlotte Vick: Mission Blue Director of Engagement

Podcast Episode #39

Charlotte is the Director of Engagement at Mission Blue, working with partners worldwide to facilitate, support, and fund ocean education, science, and policy efforts. In other words, she’s all ocean, all the time! Hear from this top notch ocean advocate about her work with Google Earth’s Ocean Layer, Hope Spots, Fisheries Science, Conservation Marketing, and Policy.

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