Stephanie Lance: Ocean loving kindergarten teacher

Podcast Episode #5

Steph is a kindergarten teacher at High Tech Elementary North County with a passion for the ocean. She highlights ocean science and environmental stewardship into her teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Hear about how her informal education experience has crossed into her formal teaching career, where she utilizes project based learning and NGSS standards.

Learn more about Steph and her ocean teaching initiatives by visiting the Tidepool Treasures Project website, following her on Twitter, and checking out her digital portfolio.  You can also purchase “Treasure our Tidepools”, a book created by her kindergarten students.

Emma: 13 year old aspiring marine biologist

Podcast Episode #4

Emma is a 7th grader with a passion for all things ocean. Having found very few marine biology opportunities for middle schoolers, Emma started a marine biology club at her school. Determined to learn as much as she can about marine science, Emma spends time at the ocean, visit aquariums and informal science centers, watches documentaries, and does school projects on ocean animals whenever possible. Get inspired by her dedication and her positive attitude!

Dr. Andy Nosal: Leading shark biologist

Podcast Episode #3

Andy is a shark scientist studying the biology and ecology of leopard sharks in Southern California. He is currently completing his postdoctoral work at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. As one of the world’s leading shark researchers, he most recently found that smell contributes largely to a shark’s sense of direction. As a great science communicator, Andy is also passionate about changing the way people perceive sharks.

Follow @andrewnosal on Twitter and learn more about Andy’s leopard shark research in this National Geographic article and this Scripps Institution of Oceanography article.

Katelyn Cucinotta: Conservation biologist tackling marine debris

Podcast Episode #2

Katelyn is a Conservation Biologist in South Florida determined to rid the oceans of marine debris. She currently runs the Healthy Habitats and Oceans (H2O) Program at Sea to Shore Alliance. Hear how Katelyn’s passion for science, education, and communication allows her to create positive change for the ocean through social media campaigns, beach cleanup events, and classroom visits.

Connect with Katelyn via the Sea to Shore website, Facebook page, and Instagram.
Help support her Healthy Habitats and Oceans (H2O) mobile classroom crowdfunding campaign!

Chris Cilfone: Award winning ocean filmmaker

Podcast Episode #1

Chris is an award winning ocean film maker, founder of Be Blue, and a whale naturalist currently living in Hawaii. His film “One Voice” won Best Short Film in the 2015 BLUE Ocean Film Festival. Chris is an inspiration in using what you have to create positive change for the oceans. With only a GoPro and a custom made rigging, he was able to create a moving film that has been recognized internationally.

Watch Chris’s award winning ocean conservation film “One Voice” and follow Be Blue on Facebook and Instagram!