When people learn about the beauty, complexity, and importance of the ocean, they become more motivated to care for and protect it.  That is why facilitating marine science outreach and education are so incredibly important to me.

Looking for someone to help communicate your ocean science research, ocean conservation intiative, or ocean focused product to the public? I am here to help! Send me an email at allisonfortheocean[@]gmail.com to discuss ideas, options, and details. Together, we can make your positive efforts known and understood by a large and varied audience.


Outreach Specialist: ECOGIG (Ecosystem Impacts of Oil and Gas Inputs to the Gulf)

I worked with the ECOGIG team to facilitate broad and dynamic ways of outreach and education before, during, and after their 2017 Gulf of Mexico deep sea research expedition. Funded by Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, scientists from Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, University of Georgia, Lehigh University, and USGS, research how the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill is continuing to affect deep sea corals and their surrounding ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico. As Outreach Specialist, I facilitated the interaction between expedition members and more than 400 students across the U.S. as well as internationally, I interviewed science team members during live broadcasts as we studied the deep sea, and I reached thousands of people as a Mission Blue correspondent during a Facebook Live event. During the 2017 expedition, I was also the lead photographer and videographer, leading to the production of three educational videos to be used in classroom education, and one documentary short film currently submitted to several renowned environmental film festivals.

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Ichthyology Collection Consultant: San Diego Natural History Museum

I worked with the archaeologists at the San Diego Natural History Museum on a multi year project to compile a modern collection of local fish species to be used in comparative analysis of fish remains found at archaeological sites throughout the region. Utilizing contacts at various institutions throughout the region, I helped to obtain desired local fish species in order to compile a complete database in the SDNHM ichthyology research library.



Social Media Intern: NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries

I wrote monthly articles for Scuba Diver Life Magazine about scuba diving in various National Marine Sanctuaries, cataloged social media photo databases to improve web photo searches, and recorded the minutes during monthly Social Media Coordinators calls with Sanctuaries offices around the globe.

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Outreach Specialist:  Antarctic SeaScience Expedition

I planned, coordinated, and carried out all aspects of this Antarctic expedition’s outreach.  This group of National Science Foundation funded scientists from Florida Institute of Technology, University of Alabama Birmingham, University of Southampton, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution research how climate change is affecting the ecology of the Antarctic deep seafloor community, specifically the population of king crabs.  I visited more than 50 K-12 classrooms before and after the expedition, ran the expedition’s blog site, and created and managed all of the social media channels.  I was also the lead photographer and videographer, helping to communicate this marine science research to the general public through digital media.

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Naturalist Instructor: Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

As a part-time ocean science education instructor at Birch, I led school programs such as K-12 classroom lessons, discovery labs, and school visits, as well as public programs like Full Moon Pier Walks, Interactive table sessions, and Whale watching.

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Interpretive Education Assistant:  Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

For three consecutive summers, I helped to plan, organize, and execute activities for Shark Summer, in which visitors are educated about local shark populations, diversity of sharks and their anatomies, and the importance of global shark conservation.  I also trained, mentored, and managed twenty Youth Summer Interns in order for all Shark Summer activities to be carried out successfully.




Panelist:  Beneath the Waves International Film Festival, Jacksonville University Screening

During Beneath The Waves’ second screening of 2014, they showed about twenty marine science and conservation films, including my film An Estuary’s Story.  I attended the screening as a panelist, and answered audience members questions about the topics discussed in the films screened.




Social Media Manager:  Autentico Adventures Costa Rica

Autentico Adventures is a locally owned, outdoor adventure company in Costa Rica.  They provide culturally immersive experiences for clients that want to explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica in exciting and adventurous ways.  In 2015 I ran all of their social media accounts in order to broaden their reach and connect their vision of adventure and conservation with people from around the world.  I also taught the occasional surf lesson!



Pre-screening Judge:  Youth Making Ripples Film Competition

This film competition for K-12 students, inspires them to be a voice for our ocean.  For three consecutive years I have helped to rate and evaluate submitted student films to determine selection into the Film Competition.