Looking for a Marine Biologist and Ocean Conservationist to bring some ocean education to your classroom, retirement community, or event? I am here to help! Send an email to allisonfortheocean[@]gmail.com to discuss topics, presentation styles, schedules, and pricing.

I thoroughly enjoy and have great experience sharing my ocean knowledge with audiences of all ages, in a variety of settings, on a variety of important ocean science and conservation topics.

Casa de Manana Teaching (5)

OA2 (2)

Skype Visit

“Allison inspired and excited our entire student body during her interactive and dynamic presentation for our ‘Oceans Week’ assembly.”
-Neal Taunt, STREAM Coordinator at Solana Santa Fe Elementary School

“After attending several of Allison’s lectures, I now look at the ocean with a completely different perspective.”
-DeEtta O’Connell, Resident at Casa de Manana Retirement Community

“My students gained so much knowledge and experience interacting with Ocean Allison. From her classroom visit to the field trip she facilitated to the live video interactions we had with her, she truly took our shark science and conservation unit to the next level!”
– Ali Kolb, 2nd Grade Teacher at Innovations Academy