Jim Toomey: Cartoonist behind Sherman’s Lagoon

Podcast Episode #46

Jim is the cartoonist behind the world-renowned comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon. Combining his love for humor, art, and the ocean, Jim conveys ocean education and conservation topics to readers via the adventures of Sherman the great white shark and his undersea friends. Hear why Jim has been drawing sharks for nearly 50 years, about his work with noted organisations like Mission Blue, United Nations, and PEW, and his thoughts on the importance of including controversial topics like shark finning in his light and funny comic strip.

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Dr. Wallace J Nichols: Best selling author of Blue Mind

Podcast Episode #30

J is a marine biologist and best selling author of the book Blue Mind, explaining the science behind how being near, in, on, or under water positively impacts us. Hear what inspires J to learn everything he can about our emotional connection to water, share his message through tiny blue marbles, and what his next book, Go Deeper, will be all about.

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