Michael Doshi: The Gnarly Beach Cleaner

Podcast Episode #52

Doshi is THE Gnarly Beach Cleaner, using Instagram and public engagement to spread awareness about ocean plastic pollution in super funny and positive ways. In this episode we talk about the origins of GnarlyBeachCleaner, the ridiculously hilarious videos he makes, Dr. Dude and Gnar Gnar, the #makeitfunmovement, the South Pacific plastic gyre, and Doshi’s role in educating the public about this issue he’s so passionate about. Prepare to laugh and be inspired!

Follow him on Instagram @gnarlybeachcleaner, check out his Vimeo channel, and watch his hilarious video compilation.

Shannon Switzer Swanson: Ocean Photojournalist & Nat Geo Adventurer

Podcast Episode #47

Shannon is an ocean scientist, photojournalist, and conservationist working to share her stories with the world – on topics ranging from storm water pollution to the global aquarium fish trade. She was recently honored as one of National Geographic’s 2017 Adventurers of the Year. In this episode we discuss the importance of curiosity, Shannon’s interest in photography and writing, and how her definition of adventure has no boundaries.

Connect with Shannon on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kyle Thiermann: Pro surfer and video journalist documenting ocean issues and solutions

Podcast Episode #26

Kyle is a pro surfer documenting ocean issues that aren’t directly connected to the ocean at first glance. Mixing in elements of economics, politics, education, and culture, Kyle is uncovering opportunities for individuals around the world to be a part of the solution. Hear what motivated this big wave surfer from Santa Cruz to start his own film series called Surfing for Change, and what’s on the horizon for this ocean advocate.

Check out Kyle’s homepage kyle.surf to find links to his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels. And visit surfingforchange.com to learn more.

David Stover: Co-founder of Bureo Skateboards

Podcast Episode #24

David is a co-founder of Bureo Skateboards, a sustainably minded company turning recycled fishing nets into skateboard decks. Hear how these ocean-lovers are reducing the number of discarded plastic fishing nets in the ocean through their Net Positiva program in Chile. By working with government and fishermen, Bureo is taking a negative, turning it into a positive, and creating innovative and fun products for all.

Follow Bureo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Visit their website bureo.co to check out all their awesome products.

Chad Nelson: CEO of Surfrider Foundation

Podcast Episode #23

Chad is the CEO of Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Hear about Chad’s history with Surfrider, the initiatives he’s spearheaded, and how you can get involved with this global community of change-making ocean advocates.

Follow @surfrider on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit surfrider.org to get involved and learn more.