Jim Toomey: Cartoonist behind Sherman’s Lagoon

Podcast Episode #46

Jim is the cartoonist behind the world-renowned comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon. Combining his love for humor, art, and the ocean, Jim conveys ocean education and conservation topics to readers via the adventures of Sherman the great white shark and his undersea friends. Hear why Jim has been drawing sharks for nearly 50 years, about his work with noted organisations like Mission Blue, United Nations, and PEW, and his thoughts on the importance of including controversial topics like shark finning in his light and funny comic strip.

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Dr. David Shiffman: Shark Conservation Biologist sharing Why Sharks Matter

Podcast Episode #45

David is a shark conservation biologist at the University of Miami, using an interdisciplinary approach to being a shark scientist. With over twenty-eight thousand followers on Twitter, David is utilizing social media and blogging to spread the message of Why Sharks Matter. Hear David and I discuss his shark conservation research, his use of social media in science communication, and his outspoken relationship with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Photo credit: Christine Shepard.

Follow David @whysharksmatter on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit southernfriedscience.com to read his blog posts.

Candace Crespi: Campaign Director at Oceanic Preservation Society

Podcast Episode #40

Candace is the Campaign Director at Oceanic Preservation Society working to expose complex environmental issues in order to protect the ocean and the planet for future generations. Hear Candace and I discuss all aspects of OPS’s award-winning films like The Cove and Racing Extinction as well as the compelling campaigns behind them that inspire and create positive change. This environmental activist is exposing the truth and protecting the planet!

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Jillian Morris-Brake: Sharks4Kids founder

Podcast Episode #15

Jillian is a shark conservationist using videography, education, and social media to help make the world a better place for sharks. She is passionate about getting people to have positive experiences with sharks above and below the water. Hear how diving with sharks all over the world motivated her to start her non-profit Sharks4Kids with which she educates and inspires students around the world on all things sharks!

Follow Jillian @biminisharkgirl and Sharks4Kids @sharkeducation on Instagram, and check out Sharks4Kids.com to see how you can learn more about shark science and conservation.

Kaikea Nakachi: Hawaiian shark scientist and conservationist

Podcast Episode #14

Kaikea is a biological oceanographer that has documented more than 60 individual tiger sharks. By combining western science and Hawaiian culture, he plans to give these tiger sharks the names and respect they deserve. Hear about Kaikea’s work with The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and Ka’upulehu Marine Life Advisory Committee.

Follow Kaikea on Instagram @kaikea_ainokea and watch his underwater Hawaii footage on his Vimeo channel!