Shannon Switzer Swanson: Ocean Photojournalist & Nat Geo Adventurer

Podcast Episode #47

Shannon is an ocean scientist, photojournalist, and conservationist working to share her stories with the world – on topics ranging from storm water pollution to the global aquarium fish trade. She was recently honored as one of National Geographic’s 2017 Adventurers of the Year. In this episode we discuss the importance of curiosity, Shannon’s interest in photography and writing, and how her definition of adventure has no boundaries.

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Dr. David Shiffman: Shark Conservation Biologist sharing Why Sharks Matter

Podcast Episode #45

David is a shark conservation biologist at the University of Miami, using an interdisciplinary approach to being a shark scientist. With over twenty-eight thousand followers on Twitter, David is utilizing social media and blogging to spread the message of Why Sharks Matter. Hear David and I discuss his shark conservation research, his use of social media in science communication, and his outspoken relationship with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Photo credit: Christine Shepard.

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Megan Cook: Nautilus Live and Ocean Exploration Trust Science Communicator

Podcast Episode #43

Megan is the Community STEM Program Coordinator at Ocean Exploration Trust. This fish-loving, science communication extrovert provides ocean exploration education to people around the globe via Nautilus Live. Hear about Megan’s journey becoming an ocean science communicator from growing up in Idaho and the incredible diversity of experiences she had as the 2012 Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship recipient.

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Sean Bogle: Vaquita conservation filmmaker

Podcast Episode #41

Sean is a wildlife conservation filmmaker and the director of Wild Lens’ latest award-winning film “Souls of the Vermilion Sea: Searching for the Vaquita”. Learn about the vaquita – the world’s smallest and most endangered marine mammal – and the complex situation that’s caused such a drastic population decline. With less than sixty vaquitas left, Sean and his team are utilizing film to raise awareness and document this conservation emergency.

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Danni Washington: Ocean spokesperson and Big Blue & You co-founder

Podcast Episode #33

Danni is a dedicated and talented ocean spokesperson working as an on-camera host to give the oceans a voice. Hear how she’s gone from a background in marine science to currently hosting Xploration Station’s Nature Knows Best TV show available on Hulu and FOX. Dannie is also the co-founder of her ocean conservation non-profit, Big Blue & You, dedicated to inspiring and educating youth on all things ocean through art, science, and policy.

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