Michael Doshi: The Gnarly Beach Cleaner

Podcast Episode #52

Doshi is THE Gnarly Beach Cleaner, using Instagram and public engagement to spread awareness about ocean plastic pollution in super funny and positive ways. In this episode we talk about the origins of GnarlyBeachCleaner, the ridiculously hilarious videos he makes, Dr. Dude and Gnar Gnar, the #makeitfunmovement, the South Pacific plastic gyre, and Doshi’s role in educating the public about this issue he’s so passionate about. Prepare to laugh and be inspired!

Follow him on Instagram @gnarlybeachcleaner, check out his Vimeo channel, and watch his hilarious video compilation.

Dakota and Cambria: Youth Leaders of “Heirs to Our Oceans”

Podcast Episode #48

Dakota Peebler (11) and Cambria Bartlett (12) are founding members of Heirs to Our Oceans, a youth-led ocean conservation organization. These water loving kids are making a film and creating a movement in order to inspire people around the world to take better care of the ocean they are inheriting. In this episode we discuss the importance of humor in conservation, optimism in the face of a struggling ocean, and what motivates these Heirs to care.

Follow @heirstoouroceans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and visit their website heirstoouroceans.com to watch their film trailer and learn more!

Kat Crabill: Turning plastic pollution into jewelry

Podcast Episode #42

Kat is a Hawaii-based jewelry maker sparking positive conversations about ocean plastic pollution with her jewelry company Nurdle in the Rough. She’s literally turning trash into treasure! Hear about the inspiration, care, and positivity behind each and every piece of jewelry this ocean-loving metal smith creates. And what amazing organizations she gives back to just to make an even bigger impact than she already is.

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Kristal Ambrose: Founder of Bahamas Plastic Movement

Podcast Episode #37

Kristal is an environmental scientist, conservationist, and activist sparking a plastic pollution revolution with her non-profit Bahamas Plastic Movement. In 2014, she was awarded the Environmental Youth Leader Award by the Bahamian government. Hear Kristal’s enthusiasm about educating Bahamian youth, about her experiences that led her to dedicate her life to improving the health of the ocean, and her perspectives on the future of the Bahamian people and their relationship to their environment.

Follow @bahamasplasticmovement on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Visit bahamasplasticmovemnet.org and their YouTube channel to learn more!

Janis Selby Jones: Teacher uncovering mysteries behind beach litter

Podcast Episode #31

Janis is a resource teacher in Oceanside, California with a passion for documenting, collecting, transforming, and uncovering the mysteries behing beach litter she finds on her local beach. Hear how Janis brings her environmentalist ideals into her school and how her beach walks have evolved, inspiring her to take photos, make art, and collaborate with others to truly bring awareness to the issue of ocean plastic and marine debris.

Follow @janisselbyjones on Instagram and @jksjones on Twitter, and visit her blog site writetheworld.me to learn more.

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