Jim Toomey: Cartoonist behind Sherman’s Lagoon

Podcast Episode #46

Jim is the cartoonist behind the world-renowned comic strip Sherman’s Lagoon. Combining his love for humor, art, and the ocean, Jim conveys ocean education and conservation topics to readers via the adventures of Sherman the great white shark and his undersea friends. Hear why Jim has been drawing sharks for nearly 50 years, about his work with noted organisations like Mission Blue, United Nations, and PEW, and his thoughts on the importance of including controversial topics like shark finning in his light and funny comic strip.

Follow Sherman’s Lagoon on Facebook, visit the Sherman’s Lagoon website, and watch Jim’s animated shorts. Or pick up your local newspaper and find Sherman’s Lagoon!

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Kat Crabill: Turning plastic pollution into jewelry

Podcast Episode #42

Kat is a Hawaii-based jewelry maker sparking positive conversations about ocean plastic pollution with her jewelry company Nurdle in the Rough. She’s literally turning trash into treasure! Hear about the inspiration, care, and positivity behind each and every piece of jewelry this ocean-loving metal smith creates. And what amazing organizations she gives back to just to make an even bigger impact than she already is.

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Danni Washington: Ocean spokesperson and Big Blue & You co-founder

Podcast Episode #33

Danni is a dedicated and talented ocean spokesperson working as an on-camera host to give the oceans a voice. Hear how she’s gone from a background in marine science to currently hosting Xploration Station’s Nature Knows Best TV show available on Hulu and FOX. Dannie is also the co-founder of her ocean conservation non-profit, Big Blue & You, dedicated to inspiring and educating youth on all things ocean through art, science, and policy.

Follow Danni on Instagram and YouTube and check out her personal website. Follow Big Blue & You on Facebook and Instagram and visit their website. Check out Sea Youth Rise Up and her latest TV show Nature Knows Best by Xploration Station!

Tre’ Packard: Founder of PangeaSeed Foundation

Podcast Episode #32

Tre’ is the founder of PangeaSeed Foundation, a non-profit that harnesses the power of art to connect people with the ocean and the pressing issues that surround it. Hear about how in just a few years Tre’ has grown PangeaSeed into an international organization with more than 300 ocean murals painted in cities all over the world, each one contributing to science, education, or activism in some way.

Follow @pangeaseed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And follow their Sea Walls: Murals for the Ocean festivals around the world @seawalls_ on Instagram. Visit their website to get involved: www.pangeaseed.foundation.

Janis Selby Jones: Teacher uncovering mysteries behind beach litter

Podcast Episode #31

Janis is a resource teacher in Oceanside, California with a passion for documenting, collecting, transforming, and uncovering the mysteries behing beach litter she finds on her local beach. Hear how Janis brings her environmentalist ideals into her school and how her beach walks have evolved, inspiring her to take photos, make art, and collaborate with others to truly bring awareness to the issue of ocean plastic and marine debris.

Follow @janisselbyjones on Instagram and @jksjones on Twitter, and visit her blog site writetheworld.me to learn more.

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