Boyan Slat: The Ocean Cleanup Founder

Podcast Episode #55

Boyan is the Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, using advanced technologies and the ocean’s currents to rid the oceans of plastic. Five years since his TEDx talk went viral, Boyan and his team are now preparing to launch their first full floating system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in Spring of 2018. Hear this young entrepreneur’s thoughts on research, fundraising, criticisms, global plastic pollution solutions, and his ultimate goals for The Ocean Cleanup.

To learn more, visit The Ocean Cleanup website, follow them @theoceancleanup on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and watch their videos on YouTube.

Kristal Ambrose: Founder of Bahamas Plastic Movement

Podcast Episode #37

Kristal is an environmental scientist, conservationist, and activist sparking a plastic pollution revolution with her non-profit Bahamas Plastic Movement. In 2014, she was awarded the Environmental Youth Leader Award by the Bahamian government. Hear Kristal’s enthusiasm about educating Bahamian youth, about her experiences that led her to dedicate her life to improving the health of the ocean, and her perspectives on the future of the Bahamian people and their relationship to their environment.

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Caiti Pomerance: Debris Free Oceans Co-founder

Podcast Episode #35

Caiti is the co-founder and president of the non-profit Debris Free Oceans, dedicated to eradicating marine debris throughout Miami and the globe, while having fun! With a background in marine science and coastal and environmental law, Caiti uses her wide range of expertise to bring awareness to important ocean issues as well as to finding solutions.

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Janis Selby Jones: Teacher uncovering mysteries behind beach litter

Podcast Episode #31

Janis is a resource teacher in Oceanside, California with a passion for documenting, collecting, transforming, and uncovering the mysteries behing beach litter she finds on her local beach. Hear how Janis brings her environmentalist ideals into her school and how her beach walks have evolved, inspiring her to take photos, make art, and collaborate with others to truly bring awareness to the issue of ocean plastic and marine debris.

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David Stover: Co-founder of Bureo Skateboards

Podcast Episode #24

David is a co-founder of Bureo Skateboards, a sustainably minded company turning recycled fishing nets into skateboard decks. Hear how these ocean-lovers are reducing the number of discarded plastic fishing nets in the ocean through their Net Positiva program in Chile. By working with government and fishermen, Bureo is taking a negative, turning it into a positive, and creating innovative and fun products for all.

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