Jim Ritterhoff: Force Blue Executive Director

Podcast Episode #53

Jim is the Executive Director of Force Blue, a non-profit organization uniting special operations veterans with the world of ocean conservation through mission therapy. Learn more about how Jim and his co-founders are putting the skills of these combat veterans to use, not only helping rebuild coral reefs, but rebuilding the confidence of our veterans. In a world where every topic seems bi-partisan, Force Blue is bringing communities on opposite sides of the spectrum together in extremely powerful and positive ways… all for the good of the planet.

Follow Force Blue on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit their website forceblueteam.org to learn more and watch their powerful video trailer.

Dr. Iliana Baums: Coral scientist studying the shallows and the deep sea

Podcast Episode #51

Iliana is an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University studying the evolution and ecology of corals – both in the shallow waters as well as in the deep sea. In this episode we discuss our recent ECOGIG expedition studying the continued impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill on deep sea corals and their surrounding ecosystems, what motivates Iliana to study corals, and the importance and excitement of exploring the deep sea.

Learn more about this research by visiting ecogig.org as well as Iliana’s lab website. You can also follow her on Twitter @TheBaumsLab.

Shannon Switzer Swanson: Ocean Photojournalist & Nat Geo Adventurer

Podcast Episode #47

Shannon is an ocean scientist, photojournalist, and conservationist working to share her stories with the world – on topics ranging from storm water pollution to the global aquarium fish trade. She was recently honored as one of National Geographic’s 2017 Adventurers of the Year. In this episode we discuss the importance of curiosity, Shannon’s interest in photography and writing, and how her definition of adventure has no boundaries.

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Autumn Blum: Founder of Stream2Sea

Podcast Episode #29

Autumn is the founder of Stream2Sea, a complete line of sunscreen and body care products that are safe for you as well as the ocean. Hear how this scuba diving, ocean loving, cosmetic chemist developed a line of products unmatched by any other in both quality, eco-consciousness, and scientific rigor. They allow you to explore the underwater world comfortably without damaging the ocean animals we care about like corals and fish.

Visit stream2sea.com to learn more and use promo code “oceanallison” for 10% off all products. Follow @stream2Sea on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kayla Ripple: Coral Restoration Foundation science manager

Podcast Episode #21

Kayla is the science program manager at Coral Restoration Foundation, a nonprofit working to restore coral reefs in the Florida Keys and throughout the Caribbean. Hear how their innovative coral tree nurseries and out-planting techniques are providing hope for coral reefs worldwide.

Follow @coralrestoration on Facebook and Instagram, @coralcrf on Twitter, and visit the CRF website to learn more and subscribe to their newsletter.