Allison Lee: Phytoplankton PhD Student

Podcast Episode #54

Allison is a biological oceanography PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, working to bring phytoplankton research to the world of citizen science in the Arctic and the Antarctic. In this episode we discuss her experience working in a lab setting, her inspiring blog ‘Woman Scientist’, her passion for phytoplankton research, and more.

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Beth Brady: Marine Biologist Studying Manatee Acoustics

Podcast Episode #49

Beth is a Marine Biologist in South Florida conducting cutting edge research on manatee acoustics. She’s working to understand what exactly are manatees saying? In this episode, we discuss how Beth records the noises these manatees make, why this research is so important, and the current state of manatee populations in Florida. Plus you’ll get to hear two great audio clips of manatee sounds from below the surface! Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

To learn more about Beth’s research watch “Sounds of the Manatee”, a film by Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

Charlotte Vick: Mission Blue Director of Engagement

Podcast Episode #39

Charlotte is the Director of Engagement at Mission Blue, working with partners worldwide to facilitate, support, and fund ocean education, science, and policy efforts. In other words, she’s all ocean, all the time! Hear from this top notch ocean advocate about her work with Google Earth’s Ocean Layer, Hope Spots, Fisheries Science, Conservation Marketing, and Policy.

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David Helvarg: Executive Director of Blue Frontier

Podcast Episode #34

David is an award-winning journalist and author, having written six books on a range of topics relating to our blue planet, including 50 Ways to Save the Ocean and his latest book The Golden Shore. Hear David’s perspectives on ocean policy and change, as he’s always on the front lines, getting the ocean recognized in the political arena, with his marine conservation lobbying organization Blue Frontier.

Visit the Blue Frontier website at to learn more and read David’s Blue Notes, find all six of David’s books on his Amazon page, and follow @helvarg on Twiter.

Dr. Gordon Ober: Recent PhD graduate and Oceanbites blogger

Podcast Episode #28

Gordon is a recent PhD graduate studying the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on coastal organisms and ecosystems. As a writer for Oceanbites, a graduate student run blog, Gordon is explaining the latest oceanographic research to the public. Hear him explain what it’s like to get a PhD in ocean science, how he stays positive in the face of climate change, and what value he sees in communicating science effectively.

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