Allison Lee: Phytoplankton PhD Student

Podcast Episode #54

Allison is a biological oceanography PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, working to bring phytoplankton research to the world of citizen science in the Arctic and the Antarctic. In this episode we discuss her experience working in a lab setting, her inspiring blog ‘Woman Scientist’, her passion for phytoplankton research, and more.

Visit Allison Lee’s website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Maggie Amsler: Antarctic research scientist extraordinaire

Podcast Episode #10

Maggie is a marine biologist and ecologist with more than 30 years of experience doing research in Antarctica. Her work on krill and the chemical interactions of near shore organisms has prompted an island, Amsler Island, to be named in her honor. Hear how Maggie has seen the effects of human-induced climate change in her own lifetime by simply visiting Antarctica over the years.

Read about Maggie’s Antarctic adventures on UAB in Antarctica, and see her in my short film Antarctic SeaScience Expedition.