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Allison Randolph is a Marine Biologist turned Ocean Communicator. She uses her knowledge of ocean science in addition to her skills in communications to educate and inspire people around the world to care for our blue planet. Utilizing a wide range of digital media tools, including her Ocean Allison Podcast, her dynamic social media channels, her award-winning films, and her educational marine science and conservation lectures, Allison strives to be a positive voice for the ocean in as many ways as possible.

Born and raised in South Florida, practically underwater, Allison draws on her life-long love for the ocean each day as she works to speak out for what is so vital to the health of our planet. She currently resides in Southern California with her fiance Greg.

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B.S. Marine Biology, Florida Institute of Technology (Cum Laude)

Dr. Kerry Bruce Clark Endowed Scholarship in Marine Biology
Distinguished Student Award in Marine Biology, FIT
Selected Undergraduate Research Presenter (Northrop Grumman Engineering and Science Student Design Showcase)
Selected Undergraduate Research Presenter (42nd Annual Benthic Ecology Meeting)
Official Selection for An Estuary’s Story into 2014 Beneath the Waves International Film Festival
Honorable Mention for Antarctic SeaScience Expedition in 2015 BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit
Official Selection for Antarctic SeaScience Expedition into 2016 Beneath the Waves International Film Festival
Antarctic Service Medal of the United States of America

Computer Programs:
Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Proficient with Adobe Premiere Elements, iMovie, Sony Vegas Pro, and Windows Movie Maker (Video Editing)
Proficient with WordPress CMS and basic HTML (Website Development and Editing)
Proficient with Adobe Photoshop (Photo and Graphic Editing)
Some experience in SPSS and R (Statistical Analytics)

Social Marketing and Platform Management:
Proficient with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
Proficient with WordPress and  Blogger Blogging
Proficient with Mailchimp Campaigns (Email Marketing)
Experience with Ifttt recipes and social triggers (Social Media Management)
Experience with Bitly (Link Shorteners and Snalytics)

SCUBA Certifications:
PADI Open Water Diver
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
PADI Rescue Diver
AAUS Scientific Diver

Surfing, diving, snorkeling, tidepooling, swimming, traveling, running, yoga, and enjoying time with family and friends!